RCA 2B400

  • Batteries: 'A' Battery - RCA type VS236 (67.5V HT); 'B' Battery - RCA type VS216 (1.5v LT)
  • Wavebands: AM Broadcast band: 540-1600KHz 
  • Valve lineup: standard battery portable tubeset
    • 1R5 (1st Detector)
    • 1U4 (IF Amplifier)
    • 1U5 (2nd detector/AVC/AF amplifier)
    • 3V4 (Audio output)
  • Released c.1953
  • Physical size: 9" x 6" x 2" (approx.)
  • Original price c.$25
This is a delightfully compact radio - even if the audio quality leaves something to be desired, as the speaker is only a 2.5" elliptical unit.

The RCA 2B series radios are point wired and exhibit a mature circuit. This model also features a 'Battery-Life Saver' switch that lowers the heater voltage by placing a small resistance in line.

Other colour variations were: 2B401 (Black); 2B402 (Ivory); 2B403 (Green); 2B404 (Tan); 2B405 (Red).

It is a wonderful example of what US industry could do at the time the British were churning out 'handbag' and 'suitcase' portables but, to be fair, it is a single band, battery only unit with mediocre sound and an easily breakable case.

Last updated 2nd June 2008