Murphy BA228
  • Batteries: Combined 'all-dry' 90V (HT) & 1.5V (LT) (eg:Vidor L5507; Ever Ready B103; Drymax 503; GEC BB503; Siemax S103)
  • Mains: 200-250v AC using two metal rectifiers (Westinghouse 15C997 & 11L999)
  • Wavebands: Medium 187-540m, Long 1000-2000m
  • Valve lineup: 1C2; 1F1; 1FD1 (x2); 1P1 (x2)
  • Released September 1954
  • Original price 17 5s - tax and batteries extra

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Well, it has been said before - Murphy made heavy quality sets...this fine BA228 is no exception. It was also made as a battery-only version, the BA229. It features a very cool tuning dial that flips closed and gives the case a very elegant look.

It features a push-pull output stage and two dial lamps but still managed to keep the LT current at a reasonable 225mA.

Last updated 10th December 2002