Cossor 499UB
  • Battery: 2x Ever Ready B104 (HT 90v) and Ever Ready AD31 (LT 7.5v)
  • Mains: AC/DC 200-250v
  • Wavebands: Medium 187-572m, Long 928-2068m
  • Valve lineup: 1R5, 1T4, 1S5, 3S4 plus SenTerCel RM2 metal rectifier
  • Released September 1950
  • Original price 14 4s 1d (Purchase Tax and batteries extra)

AC Cossor occasionally broke ranks at seemingly inopportune moments to produce some very likeable designs for their portable sets - this is an early example of the rather fetching designs they were capable of. The front and rear panels are cream-painted metal whilst the top, base and sides are bakelite. The side panels also feature a 'skyscraper' type 'Moderne' motif.

This is a nice heavy set with an unusual power arrangement. Plugging in the mains power lead on the rear depressed a plunger and changed over the power selector switches.

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Last updated 15th September 2002