Ekco MBP99 'Stroller I'
  • Batteries: Either Drydex H1146 or Vidor L5039 or Ever Ready B107(90v HT) & Ever Ready AD31 (7.5v LT)
  • Mains: 200-250v AC or DC, dropper resistors for correct voltage
  • Wavebands: Short 19.3-51.8m (5791-15544KHz), Medium 194-550m, Long 1000-2000m
  • Valve lineup: DK91, DF91, DAF91, DL94
  • Released June 1949
  • Original price 16 7s 11d plus tax - included batteries

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Amazing - a portable shortwave set for the UK market! This is the first of the 'Stroller' series of portables by EK Cole - one of Britain's most successful radio manufacturers. It follows the pattern of many sets of the time its design and circuitry - only its inclusion of the SW band is unique.

Some 5000 sets were made in a 'Model A' configuration which only had two frame aerials (SW and MW) whilst the later 'Model B' had a complement of three aerials - there were other minor electronic differences.

Interestingly enough, there were also two versions of this radio using different intermediate frequencies. The Northern England version has an IF of 460Kc/s (noted by a large 'N' stamped inside the case) whilst the version for Southern England has an IF of 455Kc/s.

Last updated 19th May 2002