Ever Ready Model C
  • Battery: Ever Ready B103 (combined HT 90v & LT 1.5v)
  • Wavebands: Medium 200-550m, Long 1000-1850m
  • Valve lineup: DK32, DF32, DAK32, DL35
  • Released November 1946
  • Original price 11 11s (plus 2 13s 9d for batteries and purchase tax)

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This set, with an intermediate frequency of 432KHz, was the first of a series of three variants and used the larger envelope battery valves of American design. These had the English equivalents shown above.

The later two models -the C/A of November 1947 and the C/E of September 1948 - have the newer D series 7-pin miniature valves of 125mA draw. There were electrical differences between all three variants but they shared a common case design and construction.

This Model C case is very interesting - it has sides made of perspex, painted the correct colour on the reverse, over a wooden frame. I daresay that war production had left a surplus of perspex (from aircraft cockpits) and Ever Ready may well have had cheap supplies of it.

I consider this to be Ever Ready's boldest design and it is a shame they went on to mediocrity after this.

Last updated 22nd May 2002