Ever Ready Sky Baronet
  • Battery - Ever Ready Batrymax B141 (combined 90V HT & 1.5V LT)
  • Wavebands - Medium 192-545m, Long 1070-1875m
  • Valve lineup - DK96, DF96, DAF96, DL96
  • Released July 1958
  • Original price 14 7s 3d (included batteries and taxes)

The BEREC version of this set was usually finished in a maroon colour and badged as the BEREC 'Matador'.

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This was close to the end for the Ever Ready 'Sky' series of battery portables (there would be only two others, the Countess and the Captain) and featured a ferrite rod aerial with printed circuit board. Sadly, these were the only 'innovations' for the Sky Baronet still has the same conventional design and circuitry common to the other 'Sky' series sets.

Although the components have been craftily made to fit a comparatively small PCB and control panel (not seen since the 'Sky Casket'), I do not understand why the case is so large and bulky. True, the 5" speaker gives good sound and, perhaps (give the car aerial input socket), it was thought that for use 'on the move' the size was irrelevant.

Last updated 19th May 2002