Ferranti 815
  • Battery: Ever Ready B126 or Vidor L5512 (90v HT) & Ever Ready A35 or Vidor L5040(1.5v LT)
  • Wavebands: Medium 187-550m, Long 1000-2000m
  • Valve lineup: DK91, DF91, DAF91, DL94
  • Released: May 1951
  • Original price: 11 0s 7d (batteries and purchase tax extra)

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This is a rock solid, superbly made set for its time. Its design is orthodox yet pleasing.

Ferranti made a mains/battery version of this set, the Model 915, in July 1951 featuring a SenTerCel RM2 metal rectifier.

Both versions feature external earth and aerial sockets - the first time I have seen such a feature on a suitcase-style battery portable. Another notable feature is the use of chromed push buttons on the front face to release the lid catches - a nice touch!

Last updated 19th May 2002