Ferranti 945
  • Battery: Ever Ready B107(90v HT) & Ever Ready AD14 (1.5v LT)
  • Mains: AC 200-250V 50Hz
  • Wavebands: Medium 187-570m, Long 1100-1900m
  • Valve lineup: DK96, DF96, DAF96 (x2), DL96 (x2) plus Westinghouse 15D19 metal rectifier for HT & Westinghouse 4D958 metal rectifier for LT
  • Released: May 1954
  • Original price: 15 10s (batteries and purchase tax extra)

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Ferranti sets are heavy - very heavy. The 945 is no exception. In common with the 815 it has external aerial and earth sockets and is of orthodox design. It's interesting feature is the push-pull output stage which, despite the puny output of the DL96, gives a warm and rich tone - large wooden cabinet and oversized speaker add to this effect.

I find it interesting that Ferranti were using solid-state rectifiers in the early 1950's when most radio manufacturers stuck with the hollow-state tube rectifier right up to the end.

Last updated 4th September 2002