General Electric Model 250

  • Batteries: 2V 'wet' lead/acid accumulator (eg: Willard Radio-25-2)
  • Mains: 105-125V AC
  • Wavebands: Standard Broadcast band only: 540 - 1600KHz
  • Valve lineup: 5 total
    • 1LN5 (x2, RF & IF amplifiers)
    • 1LC6 (Converter)
    • 1LH4 (Detector/AVC/1st audio)
    • 3Q5 (Audio output)
  • Released: c.1949
  • Physical size: 14" x 10" x 6" (approx.), weighs 16lbs w/o batteries

Occasionally, one comes across a radio that is simply, 'WOW!'. It may be an elegant design or great technical achievement. It may combine both those things in to an unusual product. This is one such radio - WOW!

The GE Radio Model 250 is a brute of a machine. It has a steel case and a machined aluminium chassis. With its built-in 2 volt lead/acid battery it weighs in at a hefty 18lbs.

The top cover is opened by turning the lock knob and lifting - two stays then hold it open to reveal a nice brushed-brass finish panel. There are knobs for volume, tone, tuning and to select battery or battery-charge for power.

Internally, the Willard accumulator sits in its own vented compartment. This powers a vibrator for the 90V 'B' supply and heats the filaments directly. Although this set can be 'run' from the mains, it must be done so with a healthy battery in place as, in fact, the AC mains power merely supplies a battery charging circuit.

My set has a dealer sticker, dated February 7th 1955, from Hill's Radio & Television of 314 W.Walnut St., Jacksonville, Illinois.

Last updated 22nd June 2008