General Electric Model 614

  • Batteries: Combined 'A' (LT, 9V) and 'B' (HT, 90V) battery pack (eg: EverReady 753, Burgess F6A60, Rayovac AB994 etc).
  • Mains: 105-120V DC or AC 60Hz
  • Wavebands: Standard Broadcast band only: 540 - 1600KHz
  • Valve lineup: standard 'All-American Five' portable tubeset
    • 1R5 (1st Detector)
    • 1T4 (IF Amplifier)
    • 1T4 (RF Amplifier)
    • 1U5 (2nd detector/AVC/AF amplifier)
    • 3V4 (Audio output)
  • Released: c.1953
  • Physical size: 10" x 11" x 5" (approx.), weighs 5lbs w/o batteries
The GE Radio Model 614 is a pleasant looking, albeit rather boxy, set in a dark maroon plastic - it was also availiable in green as Model 615.

It is a little cumbersome but has a fair sized speaker and, presumably, could run for a good length of time on the larger batteries of the day.

Last updated 23rd June 2008