LearAvian RM-402B
  • Batteries: 'A' Battery 2 x 45V, 'B' Battery 7.5V
  • Mains:105-125V AC or DC, 50-60Hz
  • Wavebands:
    • AM Broadcast band: 550 - 1650KHz (Medium Wave 187 - 555m);
    • 1.96 - 5.75MHz Shortwave
    • 195 - 400KHz Longwave
  • Valve lineup (6 total):
    • 1N5GT (x2, RF & IF Amps.)
    • 1A7GT (Converter),
    • 1H5GT (Detector/AVC/1st Audio)
    • 1A5GT (Audio output)
    • 117N7GT (Half-wave rectifier)
  • Released c.1947

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This is an earlier version of the other LearAvian set in my collection and was designed and built to serve the same purpose.

It uses octal base tubes (similar to the Zenith 8G005) that fell out of favour in the late 1940's with the coming of the low-current miniature 7-pin battery valve.

Interestingly enough, the model was used by another manufacturer as the basis for one of their own units. This was pointed out to me by Richard, an RDF enthusiast, at his site's page on this variation.

Last updated 1st October 2006