Marconiphone T24DAB
  • Battery: Ever Ready B126(90v HT) & 5 x U2 (7.5v LT)
  • Mains power: AC/DC195-255V 50-100c/s
  • Wavebands: Medium 187-565m, Long 1000-2000m
  • Valve lineup: X18, W17, ZD17, N18 and metal rectifier
  • Released: October 1950
  • Original price: 13 8s 6d (batteries and purchase tax extra)

One of the earlier Marconi suitcase portables that does not appear to exhibit any great achievement in design. The left-hand knob actually secures the battery compartment flap and is the only concession to a consistent aesthetic.

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Last updated 15th September 2002