Marconiphone T36A
  • Battery: Ever Ready B126(90v HT) & Ever Ready AD38(7.5v LT)
  • Mains power: AC only 195-255V 50-100c/s
  • Wavebands: Medium 187-565m, Long 1000-2000m
  • Valve lineup: X18, W17, ZD17, N19 and U142 rectifier
  • Released: August 1954
  • Original price: 13 4s 2d (batteries and purchase tax extra)

Aaaah - another comfy and safe example of British radio design from the mid 1950's. This Marconiphone set features uninspiring design in both its circuitry and casing and has tubes featuring that distinctly wacky M.O.V. numbering scheme!

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Last updated 19th May 2002