Pye P31BQ
  • Batteries: Ever Ready B126 or Vidor L5512 (90v HT) & Ever Ready AD35 or Vidor L5040 (1.5v LT).
  • Wavebands: Medium 182-560m, Long 1130-2000m
  • Valve lineup: DK91, DF91, DAF91, DL92
  • Released: c.1950
  • Original price: 11 11s - included tax but batteries extra

I do believe that this set was also available as an 'MBQ' mains/battery variant - my model is battery only, however,

The covering on this suitcase portable is described as 'blue art leather' - whatever that is! The deck is very attractively finished in brushed metal and grey stripes.

Of all the portable radio manufacturers of the time, Pye seemed to have some of the better designs.

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Last updated 5th July 2001