Pye 75B - The 'New Baby Q'
  • Batteries: Pye Type K4 (90v HT) & Pye Type K8 (1.5v LT).
  • Wavebands: Medium 180-560m, Long 1100-2000m
  • Valve lineup: DK32, DF33, DAC32, DL35
  • Released: June 1946
  • Original price: 13 10s (plus purchase tax 2 18s 1d and batteries extra)

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Last updated 4th September 2002

This set is described in sheet 789 of 'The Wireless and Electrical Trader' as "A post-war 'new Baby Q' " - although there is no indication of whether this was the magazine's description or the manufacturer's.

The 'New Baby Q' is a battery only set using metallised valves. It is finished in a what I call 'Pye Blue' - a brightly coloured leather-effect material with a cloth grille. The layout is plain yet pleasing and a dash of colour in a drab post-war economy.