• Batteries: RCA type VS057W (Combined 90V HT & 9V LT)
  • Mains: 115V AC/DC 50-60Hz
  • Wavebands: AM Broadcast band: 540 - 1600KHz 
  • Valve lineup: 5 total
    • 1T4 (x2, RF & IF amplifiers)
    • 1R5 (Converter)
    • 1U5 (Detector/AVC/1st audio)
    • 3V4 (Audio output)
  • Released c.1953
  • Physical size: 12" x 8" x 5" (approx.), weighs 5lbs w/o battery
One thing I do like about these RCA portables is that they are stylish - even if they have easily broken plastic cases.

This is a fairly typical mains/battery portable set from RCA's lineup of the time and, electronically, is nothing special.
It features the 'Golden Throat' sound - which is surprising from a plastic case!

Last updated 2nd June 2008