Stromberg-Carlson Model 1105
  • Batteries:  combined dry-pack battery: 9V (filaments), 90V (B supply)
  • Mains:105-125V AC 50-60Hz or DC
  • Wavebands: AM Broadcast band; 540-1600KHz 
  • Valve lineup: early 'All-American Five' portable tubeset
    • 1LC6 (Converter)
    • 1LG5 (x2, RF & IF Amplifiers)
    • 1LD5 (2nd detector/AVC/AF amplifier)
    • 3LF4 (Audio output)
    • 117Z6GT (Rectifier)
  • Released: c.1939, first service data 1947
  • Size: about 12" x 10" x 4", weighs approx. 7lb w/o batteries
  • Original price unknown
By all accounts, Stromberg-Carlson had a peerless reputation for quality and design. Yet, and it must be said, this example of the late 1930's 'picnic portable' does not seem particularly superlative. It has a face of plain materials and undistinguished design. Reading around, it would seem that the industry was in an early phase and most portables of this vintage looked similar.
It has a sliding power changeover switch (battery/mains), accessed from the rear and the fron panel opens, tilts and slides under the chassis to make the front look a little 'cleaner' when the set is in use.

Last updated 12th December 2010