Sentinel Model 359
  • Batteries:
    • 'A' Battery - 1.5V (eg: Ray-O-Vac #8, Burgess 21R, Eveready #964)
    • 'B' Battery - 67.5V (eg: Ray-O-Vac #946, Burgess P45, Eveready #477)
  • Wavebands: AM Broadcast band: 540 - 1600KHz (Medium Wave 187 - 555m)
  • Valve lineup: 4 total
    • 1U4 (IF amplifier)
    • 1R5 (Converter)
    • 1U5 (Detector/AVC/1st audio)
    • 3V4 (Audio output)
  • Released c.1955
  • Physical size: 7" x 6" x 6" (approx.), weighs 3lbs w/o batteries

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This is a really dinky little portable in a genuine leather case! Made by Sentinel Radio of Galveston, Illinois - probably around the mid 1950's - it covers the broadcast band. When first I saw it, I could not believe that it was a tube model but it shows very well just how miniature the tube portable could be!

Last updated 1st August 2005