Vidor CN351 Riviera
  • Battery: Vidor L5039 (90v HT) & Vidor L5049 (1.5v LT)
  • Wavebands: Medium 194-550m, Long 1040-1765m
  • Valve lineup: DK32, DF33, DAC32, DL35
  • Released: c.1945
  • Original price: 13 7s 9d (included batteries but taxes an additional 2 17s)

This was amongst the earliest of the post-war Vidors and featured two scale lamps operated from a push button on the side of the volume control. The set is rather large and heavy and uses octal-base metallised valves rather than the later 7 pin all-glass miniature types.

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Last updated 13th May 2002