Vidor CN430 'Lady Ann'

  • Battery: Vidor L5546 combined 90v HT & 1.5v LT
  • Mains: 200-250v AC, 40-100Hz (uses Westinghouse 15D39 full-wave metal rectifier)
  • Wavebands: Medium 187-550m (545-1600KHz), Long 1052-2000m (150-285KHz)
  • Valve lineup (4 total): 
    • DK96 ( Freq. Changer)
    • DF96 ( IF Amplifier)
    • DAF96 ( Detector, AF Amplifier, AVC)
    • DL96 ( Audio Output)
  • Released: January 1955
  • Original Price: £14 4s 2d (excluding Purchase Tax & batteries)
Complementing the CN429 'Lady Margaret', CN435 'Lady Catherine', CN433 'Vanessa' and CN441 'Lady Elizabeth', this would appear to be another suitcase mains/battery portable from Vidor that exhibits unexciting design and unexciting performance. 'Suitcase' is a good description - this set is unnecessarily bulky.

'Ann' was also available in a 'reverse' colour scheme on the deck - dark red speaker grill on white/cream deck (bottom) and is quite smart and seemingly more rare.

The lettering style used on the 'Ann' controls has a 'Moderne' feel to it - hearkening back to the 'Streamlining' of the 1930's.


  • 'Newnes Radio & TV Servicing' Alignment Instructions and Schematic for the CN430 (DjVu file, 2 pages, 36Kb)

Last updated 2nd June 2008