Vidor CN429 'Lady Margaret' & CN434 'Deluxe'

  • Battery: Vidor L5512 (90v HT) & Vidor L5040 (1.5v LT)
  •  Wavebands: Medium 187-570m, Long 1098-1986m (545-1600KHz & 150-273KHz)
  • Valve lineup (4 total): 
    • DK96 ( Freq. Changer)
    • DF96 ( IF Amplifier)
    • DAF96 ( Detector, AF Amplifier, AVC)
    • DL96 ( Audio Output)
  •  Released: June 1954 (CN429)
  •  Original Price: £9 2s 10d (Excluding Purchase Tax & batteries)
The Lady Margaret must be the ultimate 'women's radio'. It is small (8" x 4"), relatively lightweight (about 6lbs, with batteries), attractively designed and would not look out of place atop the dressing table or on the picnic blanket.

In terms of appearance, the CN429 (top photo) and CN434 (bottom photo) are almost identical - some are called 'Lady Margaret' on the internal specification label and others not - Vidor seem to have been inconsistent on this point. The CN429 dates from around 1954-55 whilst the CN434 seems to be the c.1958 model.

429/434 was also available as a 'De-Luxe' model - the only difference, seemingly, being a slight change to deck by the addition of another coloured plate around the controls..

The model was avaliable in a variety of colours - including dark/light green & cream as well as the usual pinky-red & cream. There is no conventional on/off switch as the lid stay operates a switch inside the case, instead of making a 'warning tone' as most other Vidors did.


  • 'Newnes Radio & TV Servicing' Alignment Instructions & Schematic for the CN429
  • 'Newnes Radio & TV Servicing' Alignment Instructions & Schematic for the CN434
  • For more pictures of model variants, see HERE

Last updated 2nd June 2008