Advance J2E Oscillator

Range: 15Hz - 50KHz in 3 switched ranges

Power: 110/240V AC 50Hz

Output: 0 - 40V P-P @5 ohm or c.50V P-P@ 600 ohm. Also has switchable attenuator

Weight: 7.5Kg

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Hmmm... This is a nice example of a very well built a low frequency signal generator by Advance Instruments, England. This set goes from dog-annoying 50KHz all the way down to gut-rumbling 15Hz - actually, I couldn't hear anything below 20Hz or above 15KHz and had to trust a scope to tell me it was working!

The stability of this instrument is truly excellent, probably due to it's solid construction. An 8 hour 'soak' test at 1KHz resulted in less than 1Hz drift over the whole period. I picked this unit up very cheaply as it was described as 'non-working/no output'. I suppose most modern service techs wouldn't know a tube if it kicked 'em in the ass so I wasn't surprised to see an EL84 output pentode with a frosted getter - no vacuum. One cheap tube and 10 minutes elbow grease later - a perfectly working new toy!

The oscillator covers up to 50KHz in 3 bands, 15Hz to 300Hz, 300Hz to 4KHz & 4KHz to 50KHz. Each band has it's own scale on a large dial so it is easily set to an accurate frequency. This is enhanced by a 2 speed frequency control; turning the knob normally turns the dial at a ratio of about 5:1, but reversing it gives 1 revolution of approx 25:1 gearing before the 5:1 gear picks up again. So moving to just past the desired frequency and then reversing gives a very fine adjustment, it is quite easy to set within 1Hz at 10KHz.

There are two outputs, 5 ohm unbalanced and 600 ohm balanced, and the max output at the 600 ohm terminals is about 50v pp. The output level can be read off directly on the meter and a 20 dB attenuator can be switched into the 600 ohm output.

All in all, this instrument is considerably easier to use than the earlier model SG-66 LF Oscillator.

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Last updated 10th October 2002