Avometer Model 7

For many years, Avo made very solid reliable test equipment to be found on the best workbenches and with the most competent technicians. The test meters they made in the 1950's - like my Model 7 (formerly the property of Marconi Instruments) - still fetch good prices today as used examples.

And no wonder, the smooth dead-beat needle movement, combined with anti-parallax mirror and unrivalled accuracy, makes these old warhorses a delight to use. It is rated at 20,000 ohms-per-volt and, like all analogue meters, may be preferable when an observation of the rate of rise is required.

Working with domestic and semi-commercial vintage electronics only requires as much test accuracy as was designed into the equipment - which is surprisingly little! Hence, I keep a digital meter for those times when pinpoint accuracy is crucial but use my Avo as a day-to-day instrument.

The Model 7 underwent several design changes throughout its life but it is easily spotted by its knob design. It has an internal battery for resistance measurements but otherwise requires no power. It is capable of measuring 1 to 1000 volts in either AC or DC, as well as 0.002 to 10 Amps in DC or 0.01 to 10 Amps in AC

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Last updated 15th October 2006