Hewlett-Packard 1741A Oscilloscope

These lovely instruments went out of production in 1988 and HP (or 'Agilent' as they are now styled) stopped supporting them in 1994. Unfortunately, my example (which came to me from the GEC Defence Research Labs) is missing its channel coupling selector switch knobs but (hoorah!) it does have all its original probes, screen filters and manuals.

This scope is described as "...a dual-channel, 100MHz, delayed-sweep storage and variable persistence oscilloscope designed for general-purpose bench or field use." In other words, more do-dads than you can shake a stick at! Other key points include:

  • Vertical deflection - 5mV/div to 20V/div over 12 deflection factors
  • Sensitivity of 1mV/div to 30MHz on both channels
  • Selectable input impedance - 50 ohms or 1 Megohm
  • Horizontal deflection - calibrated sweep rates from 2s/div to .005Ás/div
  • 10X magnifier extends fastest sweep rate to 5ns/div
  • 3 signal view in alternate & chop modes - channel A, channel B, trigger
  • Built in 1V square wave generator for calibration


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Last updated 13th May 2002