Marconi Instruments TF2600 Sensitive Valve Voltmeter

Range: 1mV to 300V FSD (also scaled for -60 to +50dbm)

Power: 110/240V AC 50Hz

Tubes: 8 total.

Weight: c.7Kg

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Marconi Instruments made very fine, high laboratory grade instruments (rather than 'test-gear') - usually under government contract. Much of this gear from the 1960's is now being retired, depite it being in perfect working order, and sold cheaply.

Why this fine instrument should have the qualifier 'sensitive' as part of its description is a mystery - it certainly is sensitive though! This particular unit dates from the mid-1960's (I think) and was picked up for almost nothing with a jammed meter needle - the dial glass had come loose and was preventing it from moving!

It is one of two units that I own - I am considering either converting one to DC operation or stacking them as very unusual monster output meters for my tube audio setup. This piece has 'boatanchor' character and is far more interesting to look at that its transistorised replacements.

Last updated 10th October 2002