Tektronix RM31A Oscilloscope

A rack-mounting beastie version of the venerable 531 scope - a valve driven monster that is 19" wide by 14" tall and 23" long. It produces so much heat from its many tubes (all 49 of them!) that it actually has its own fan built into the case!

My example here has a Type G Plug-In (a wideband differential amplifier) and I also have the Type CA Dual Trace Plug-In.


  • 5" diameter CRT with removeable collar to allow the fitting of accessories (I guess, as I have seen larger hoods, camera mounts etc).
  • Dual colour graticule
  • 108-244V 50/60Hz power
  • Gate, sawtooth & vertical signal outputs
  • 16 plug-in units available
  • Built in square wave calibrator
  • Bomb-proof construction

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Last updated 9th April 2002