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Last updated 1st August 2005

Adrian - Webmaster & Portable Radio Fanatic

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Links & Miscellania

The Internet is an ever-growing, ever changing place and the best advice I could give is to learn how to construct the most effective queries for the best search engines - which is why only a few select links are featured here.

Excellent Vintage Radio Sites - UK Based

Radiocraft Radio Antiques - Steve Ostler's excellent site features an extremely comprehensive directory. Don't miss it!

Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration - Paul Stenning: an authority on the subject. A site packed with useful information, projects and a killer service data CD-ROM offer!

Welcome to Vintage Radio World - Tony Thompson's site, the original and best. A very well presented site with VRW publications on offer.

Jonz Valve Page - Johnathon Evans, informative and entertaining.

Vintage Radio Emporium - The Antique Radio and Old Wireless Resource - a good and growing general resource and bulletin board

Alan Lord - Vintage Radio Collector and Radio Ham - lots of useful service tuition and a few projects. Alan is also a 'boatanchor' fan (man after my own heart!)

Peter Roberts - another interesting site from Liverpool

classicwireless.co.uk - the web's latest site from a dedicated enthusiast.

Vintage Radio & Electronics - Maurice Woodhead's rapidly developing resource on vintage wireless.

Excellent Vintage Radio Links Page From Electramech

Important Links to Manuals & Schematics

The National HRO Original Manual The Yaesu FRG-7 Manual VMARS Manual for the Marconi CR100 Sailor 16T Schematic

Suppliers & Restorers - UK

The Wireless Works - Based in Bugle, Cornwall, Rob is a dedicated enthusiast with an Aladdin's cave of restored and project sets

Past Times Radio - Richard & Sarah Booth selling restored and un-restored valve and transistor radios (as well as other goodies to take a look at!)

NR Bardwell Ltd - A Sheffield (UK) based supplier of surplus electronic components. Site has downloadable sales list an on-line ordering - the prices have to be seen to be believed!

Old Time Supplies - Britain's answer to AES! Well worth looking at!

RS Components - are possibly England's longest running supplier and formerly known as Radio Spares.

Maplin Electronics - Lest we forget!

Suppliers & Restorers - US

Antique Electronic Supply - One of the best vintage radio suppliers around. Excellent range of new and repro products. Good US valve selection, a valve-based AM transmitter kit, superb range of grille cloths AND a free catalogue!

www.justradios.com  "JustRadios - Capacitors and Schematics for Tube Radios" Specializes in high voltage film and electrolytic capacitors for tube radios.  Also carries Antique Radio Schematics and service information.

Reference & Miscellaneous

RJF Electronics - a growing UK based site focusing on Test Gear. Well worth a visit.

British Wireless Set Database - A great new reference source from Martin Francis. The search abilities of this database make it a valuable reference tool.

The Radio Museum - it's big and getting bigger and the name says it all..

BVWS - The British Vintage Wireless Society (for those who take their wireless seriously)

Harry's Homebrew Pages - Well known Swedish radio ham, tinkerer, brewer and wise man!

Duncan's Amp Pages - One of the best sources for tube data and SPICE modelling. Has downloadable PSU Designer and Tube Database!

Universal Radio - a good site all about DX-ing (well, what else you gonna' listen to?)

Worthy American & International Sites

The Radio Attic- Masses of vintage radio links! Superb picture gallery! Hours of browsing!

Phil's Old Radios - Another excellent site with lots of useful information!

http://coil.sites.uol.com.br/ - From Brasil, Meyer has an interesting site of radios found there.